June 2014 Goals


I haven’t set up my budget yet, but I have a clear idea of what I need to be spending my money. I reviewed my expenses last month I spent a lot of my money on beer and entertainment. So I’m trying to lower that expense. I also spend a lot of money on take-out during lunch times with my girlfriend. Sometimes she pays, sometimes I pay.

I’ve planned to cut out the take outs and make something at home and bring it along but that hardly ever pans out like I planned. The easy stuff that I could prepare at home are usually the things I don’t really like to eat like cheese and salami (or ham) on bread. I want something cooked, like sausages. But cooking sausages in the morning is a no go. I already get up so early already.

Still trying to find a way to cut expenses but I have also been looking into increasing income. I am in the process of selling my Xbox. It’s just lying around at home and I could make some cash from it. I was going to buy myself a cellphone with the money but thought that I would rather just get a DSTV Walka and pay my credit card with the rest of my money.

Also thought of getting back to playing poker again. But I keep failing at keeping track of my results and going to all the way. It’s worth a try though. I need some extra money. I’ve even started betting on the World Cup games and made some good money. More than double than what I started with. I’m trying to not get carried away. Too much on my plate already.

Anyway, June is almost over. Half way through anyway. So I will just keep the budget I have from last month and work with that for the rest of the month. The way things are looking like, it’s going to be a hard winter. One thing I can be proud of though is that I am at least keeping track of all my transactions. I think it’s starting to become a habit.


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