1. It’s great that you’ve been tracking expenses. Next step is to create a budget that works and stick to it. That’s usually the hardest part but it’s always a working progress.

    I refer to my expenses (on Excel) every day; it’s become routine by now! The whole staying within my budget – not so much. But I’ve definitely become more aware and involved with my finances and am more conscious about unnecessary spending.

    1. I’ve tried an excel spreadsheet in the past but I end up tinkering with the spreadsheet so much. The mobile app works well for me. It also helps that I can export it in csv format, then I can tinker with it on Excel some more. Lol.

      Yes, I am also much more aware of my spending now that I record each transaction. I just need to learn to control myself. It’s so hard to say no to a beer. And now that the World Cup is here, I find myself at a bar with a couple of friends watching the matches and enjoying a couple of brewskis as well. I hope the beer consumption will cease once the tournament is over. Will be good for my health and my wallet.

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