“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” [Part 1 of 2]


For those of you who do follow my blog, I had exciting news to share but I didn’t want to say anything until it was more concrete. Well, the good news is that I got a new job but the bad news is that they need me to start immediately.

A lot has happened since I first got news that there might be a new job on the horizon. I’m not a big fan of long posts and I wouldn’t want my readers to read long posts either, so I will split this into two segments.

The job recruiter calls

It was a day like any other. I was at the office working away and my phone rang. I hardly get calls during working hours. I was hesitant to answer but thought “what the hell?”. It was a job recruiter and they got hold of my résumé. I can’t remember when I uploaded by resume to their website. Anyway, she asked whether I am still in the job market because there is a potential opening for me. I already have a job but I am struggling to make ends meet and I’m living from paycheck to paycheck. We got to talking about the numbers and the new job will be offering substantially more than I get now.

I was so excited about the call that I started to crunch the numbers. I worked out how much I will be getting after taxes and deductions and it seemed like a lot more money. I read somewhere that your rent or your mortgage payment should only be a third of your net salary. Well since the end of March half my salary was going to rent. But with the new job only 35 percent of my salary will go to rent. That’s almost 33.3 percent. This is a good indicator that I was moving into the right direction.


Ever since the recruiter called I didn’t hear back from for a couple of days. I thought that my résumé probably wasn’t good enough and I should just forget about that call altogether. I tried to stay positive but the silence was killing me. I also didn’t want to call back and seem eager. A weekend passed and no calls from the recruiter. Monday I came down with the cold. I went to see the doctor and got booked off from work on Tuesday. That morning, while I was watching House of Cards the phone rang. It was the job recruiter! I got a telephonic interviewer at 3 PM.

Luckily I was at home sick because I could prepare for the telephone interview. I’ve never had an interview over the phone before. Google helped me out. I found a couple of questions I could ask the interviewer, how to speak, pause for the interviewer, talk slowly, stand in front of a mirror to gain confidence etc. I did all of this but I was still nervous. The interview was 17 minutes and we hardly spoke about my characteristics and why I would be good for this job. They just wanted to know why I want to leave my current post and we spoke about the new position and what I will be doing. This took the pressure off a little. I felt good about the interview and the interviewer told me I will hear back from him the next day.


The next 48 hours sucked big time. I was positive that I would get a call the very next day. Even if it wasn’t a yes, at least some sort of word. But nothing. I waited all day. Staring at the clock. Making sure my cellphone ringer was on. Checking the signal. Checking my email. Nothing. My girlfriend and I agreed that if I don’t hear anything by the end of the business day, we will take it as a “No” and just move on with our lives. When that clock struck 5 I was devastated. My head dropped. As soon as I got home, I put on my PJ’s and went straight to bed. My girlfriend tried to cheer me up but it just didn’t help.

The next day at work sucked. The boss came to me and asked me to start on a new client the following week. In the back of my mind I still had one foot out the company door. I kept thinking that I won’t be around long enough to start work on a new client. But I didn’t get the call back . So I just listened to what my boss had to say and marked my calendar to start work on the new client. I still had hope, but my phone still didn’t ring. I kept staring at the clock. I kept making sure that I didn’t miss any calls. Still no call back.


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