“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” [Part 2 of 2]

Drake - Worst Behavior

Drake – Worst Behavior

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Friday came and it was the last week of the month. I checked my budget and I seemed to have done well this month but the entertainment was still way over budget.  I kept thinking how the new job would’ve helped out. How much more comfortable things would be. That’s when it happened. My phone rang and I answered it as quick as possible. I GOT THE JOB!


The money was more than initially offered. Ten percent more in fact. There was a big BUT though. The company needed me to start as soon as possible because they are using a new accounting system and everyone needed to be trained. The training was scheduled the following week. I told them that I needed to give a month’s notice. They understand, so they are willing to compensate my current employers a month’s worth of my current salary. They weren’t playing around, they clearly meant business.

I felt really bad though. I felt bad for leaving my current employers so high and dry. A co-worker in my department already resigned this month and now I am also leaving and only giving 24 hour notice. Damn, that’s cold. I had no other choice though. I would be living much more comfortably. I will be getting much more money. This was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

I typed out my resignation letter and scheduled a meeting with the human resources manager to discuss my resignation. At first she told me that it is not possible for me to just quit with immediate effect. I told her that the new company was willing to compensate for the 24 hour notice. The HR manager told me she would take it up with the partners and my boss. I thought there would be some resistance. I mean our department stand to lose two people in one month. Who was going to do our work? Even if they got replacements in quickly, they will still struggle with our work until they are properly trained.


The HR manager called back in 5 minutes and said that everything is in order and I can go. WTF?! That quickly? That’s when I felt that my work wasn’t valued here at all. It made it easier for me walk out at the end of the day. They didn’t care, so why should I? I still felt very guilty though. I couldn’t look my boss in the eyes. She hardly spoke to me the entire day. She asked me if I was moving into IT because I made it no secret that accounting wasn’t my passion and my heart lies in computers (sounds weird I know). I lied about a new accounting position and told her it was an IT job. The goodbyes was even awkward. But it’s over now. It’s a chapter I can finally close. A new journey awaits for me.

My next post will be my half-yearly review of 2014 and it’s been a year since I quit college, so I will also be reviewing my year since I took that leap. Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome.


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