Pretty good day

Happy Minion

I know in my last post I said that I would make a half yearly update next but I’ve had such a pretty good day today that I wanted to share it with my readers.

I recently quit my job and accepted a new offer from another company. The new company has new owners and it’s financial department was outsourced to another country. Now that the new owners took over, they decided to have the financial function here. That’s where I come in. I am part of a new five man financial department. I am at the bottom of that food chain but plan to work myself up if I enjoy working for the company. The pay is very good but the offices look a bit dark and dingy. The offices are located inside the warehouse and the warehouse is in an industrial area.

Here comes the good part. I don’t own a car and public transport sucks here in Africa (first I revealed I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, now I revealed the continent. Stick around for more clues). The best means of transport is taking a cab. I use to drive with my girlfriend to work in the mornings so I spent about $250 (+/- US$25) per month on transport. Now that I don’t travel with her anymore I could spend up to $600 per month. But my mom managed to make a few calls and she found me a cab driver willing to pick me up at work and at home for $400 per month.

More good news. The ex-employers are paying out my leave days I haven’t taken. That amounted to $1125. That’s money I never expected I would get. I totally forgot about it and I never thought it would be so much. That would definitely help me this month since my transport costs would be going up.

And the last piece of good news. My dad sent me $2000 for a new phone. I recently dropped my Nokia Lumia 620 and the screen cracked. The touch screen didn’t respond any more. Now I am operating with an old Blackberry Curve 9300. But now that I got this cash from my dad I can get a new phone. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Fame. It’s in my price range and it is an Android. After my experiences with a Windows phone, I swore to never go back to that crappy operating system. A friend of mine is in Beijing for a couple of weeks, so I hope he might see something cheap there and bring a phone along. Maybe a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. But least’s wait and see.

Wait there is more good news. Training only starts on Friday. I thought I was going to start Thursday, but I only start on Friday. That’s an extra day off. Which will give me time to work on the half yearly review.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.



  1. First I am trying my best not to be jealous that you’re working in Africa…Ok it’s too late….I am officially jealous. Congrats on the new job and make your office space your own. Throw up a disco ball are something and make it your own. Ok maybe not a disco ball but you know what I mean.

    1. Thanks. I started with training yesterday. It was pretty boring most of the time. If you’ve worked on one accounting software, you’ve worked on them all. So I got through training pretty easily. Monday the work starts. Can’t wait. As for the office, I heard the space is temporary. They are still trying to set things up. For hopefully by September I got a cool looking office. With a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Haha. Thanks for the reply, will keep you posted on the new job.

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