2013/14 Year Review [Part 2 of 4]

A new dawn


A new dawn

Unemployment and degree-less, I needed a new plan. I couldn’t feel sorry for myself any longer. I just started dating my girlfriend and she told me that she believed in me. She knew that this was just a minor speed bump in my life. Even when I had nothing, she still believed in me. If she could date me and believe in me, why couldn’t I?

I had to find a new job in the city so I could be close to my girlfriend because as much I knew she believed in me, I didn’t believe a long distance relationship would last. The job hunt began. All I had to go on was my one year’s working experience in audit and a high school diploma. These were my goals at the time:

  1. I will get my learner’s permit. 
  2. I will get my driver’s license. 
  3. I will get a good paying job. 
  4. I will get a place to stay in Windhoek. 
  5. I will know a number of programming languages and codes. 
  6. I will get a bike.
  7. I will get 4G wireless internet.
  8. I will clear my credit card debt.

Getting the learner’s permit was easy. I had all the time in the world to study and managed to score 91% on a multiple choice exam paper. I felt good. I felt even better when I got a call that I have an interview with an accounting firm in the city. I went down, did all the research and gave a kick ass interview. Couple of days later I got the offer. It took me just three months to find employment. I thought it would happen quicker but I was just grateful to have a job again and could be close to my girlfriend.

I didn’t have a place yet but I my family was willing to help out. I didn’t like staying there. I was in a very poor neighborhood and I didn’t have much privacy at their place. I had plans to move into a flat that a family was building on their property but it would only be available in the New Year.

I wasn’t so successful with the materialistic things like the internet and the bike. I also didn’t pay off my credit card debt. I did make one big payment to my credit card when I got my salary but ended up using the credit card again because Christmas came around and I didn’t have money.

The coding didn’t go so well. I didn’t learn all the languages I wanted to learn. I completed HTML and CSS as well as a video course on Dreamweaver. I did manage to complete my friend’s website for him called Barefoot. I also didn’t manage to complete my website because I didn’t have the money to pay for a domain and hosting.

I was happy with the learner’s permit but I didn’t get the drivers permit. I reckoned I still have time till the next year before my learner’s permit expired. My dad wasn’t a very patient teacher. So with the new job I could pay for a professional to teach me how to drive.

That’s the end of the second half of the year and it was pretty successful. I took a big step by getting employed and living in the city. I got closer to getting my driver’s permit and I learned some of the essential skills to develop websites. The following year things could only get better..


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