2013/14 Year Review [Part 3 of 4]

The Year of Resignations

The Year of Resignations

I was standing in the kitchen making a cup of tea and then it hit what this post should be called, “The Year of Resignations”. It was just going to be called “2014 So Far” but I thought it would be hard to find a picture for my post with a title like that.
The rest of the post has been typed up before I came up with the title but the title needs some explanation cause the rest of the post doesn’t offer up any. At my previous job people were dropping out like flies. I even had a list of every colleagues name pasted on my cubical wall and marked an X next to their name when they resigned. In the 7 months that I’ve worked there, I had about 10 crosses. Also both my dad and my girlfriend’s dad is resigning this year. My best friend is also resigning at the end of the year to become an entrepreneur full-time. And lastly a friend of my girlfriend quit this year as well. Feels like a lot of people in my life just had enough.

The post before the title change…


The year did not start off like I intended it to. I wanted to move into my new place because I didn’t like living at my aunt’s place. It just didn’t work out for me. They kept telling me that the place is taking longer than expected but I was running out of patience. I didn’t want to look for another place because the rent was good for a place in that area, I would get free uncapped Wi-Fi and it comes furnished.

Only in March I could move into my new place. The rent took a big chunk out of my salary. I couldn’t make it till the end of the month. I was spending a lot of money on lunch and beers with my friends. Plus I was taking my girlfriend out to dinners. My money just couldn’t make it to the end of the month. I had to start using my credit card. Not have to. More like, I didn’t want to beg my parents for money, say no to my friends when they hang out or brown bag instead of buy take out for lunch.
April month is when things reached an all time low with my finances. In less than two weeks my entire salary was done. Finished. And I had no idea where it went. One minute everything was fine, the next moment it was all gone. I couldn’t explain what happened. I had to get help from my parents. But then I decided that in May I would at least keep track of every single cent I spent. Even if I still run out of money in two weeks, I needed answers. Not knowing on what you’ve spent your money on is just the worst. Besides, this was a baby. I wasn’t going to change for life overnight.
May and June were the first two months that I recorded every transaction. I could see where the money was going. I knew what my bank balance was. The budget I set up gave me better sign where my money should go to next. I could see when I was getting to the budgeted amount. May was ten times better than April and June was even better than May. This has clearly helped me out.
Driving wise, I just didn’t have any money left to pay for driving school. I took two lessons while I was still staying at my aunt’s place because I could afford it. But since I moved into the new place, money has been very tight. I have to get my driver’s license this year or my learner’s permit will expire and then I need to redo the exam I took last year. Since I passed the learner’s exam first time, I want to pass my driver’s exam first time as well. I hope for the best.
As far as coding is concerned, I didn’t do anything about it this year. With me having to work and all, I have zero energy to do anything when I come home from work. I manage to complete the barefoot.com website as well as the doogeyfresch.com. No new business has come in and I haven’t developed my portfolio at all. I wanted to finish my own personal website but I kept making excuses about how I don’t have the money for domain name registration and web site hosting. I can hardly remember what I learned in coding because I wasn’t practicing at all.
The most important thing I can take away from the first half the year is how important it is to budget. If I don’t budget and keep track of all my transactions, I have no control over my money.



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