Month: February 2015

New Financial Journey – She said yes.

Starting a blog is harder than I initially thought it would be. There is just so much that goes into running a blog. There isn’t enough time in the day to make posts that I think people will take the time to write.

My personal finance blog failed miserably. Most of the personal finance blogs I read were so cool and interesting. It had all sorts of graphs and charts and I wanted to mimic that but I never had the time and patience to do it. Too many grand ideas that were never executed.

My personal finance journey wasn’t that bad though. I didn’t need all the apps. I didn’t need the spreadsheets. I didn’t need most of things. All I needed was a budget. That’s it. Most months I didn’t even write down my budget because it was the same every month. I paid my rent and my debt first. What money that was left was reserved for food and entertainment.

Now I am back to studying and my place got broken into a couple of weeks back. Now there are expenses that I never planned for. I didn’t have insurance or an emergency fund. I am also engaged for 11 days now and the wedding will be in December (if it stays that way).

Now another journey is about to start. Things was much too easy for me the past 3-4 months. Life handed me some serious lemons.