Asking for blessing

The wedding planning can finally start as both sets of parents finally sat down together. This was one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences of my life. My parents and her parents finally in the same room.

In my culture it’s tradition for the man’s parents to come ask the woman’s parents for their blessing. My dad was so unprepared though and he started out joking about it. The living room got very quiet and awkward. He did try and save by throwing the ball to me and make me ask but it’s usually the father’s responsibility. I tried my best but I too couldn’t rescue the situation. My fiance’s father whoops out a notepad full of notes and starts reading from it. Shit just got real. Luckily my future father-in-law was more prepared than we were and quickly controlled proceedings as this was his second (and last) daughter to get married. Thank goodness for that. The rest of the day I could just sit back and nod in agreement.

After everything was said and done we started a barbeque and the parents got to know each other a little better. It was also my fiance’s older sister’s birthday that day which also served as a little bit of a distraction. My parents got along well with my in-laws to be. Thank goodness for that. I just hope it stays that way. This morning we also went to check out a potential wedding venue which looks very cool. I hope we can get it but that still remains to be seen.

Well enough about weddings, this isn’t a wedding blog at all. Just thought I would shed a little insight on that front. On other fronts it looks like everything else is going to shit. I am taking on way too much in my life right now. I didn’t finish my work this week. I had to go in on Saturday but I still couldn’t get everything done. Today I couldn’t go cause we had to check the venue. My laundry I had to do later than usual. It’s still on the washing line and I will have to wake up early tomorrow morning to iron. This coming Friday I am writing a test for Mathematics for Information Technology but I haven’t bought one book yet.

The only way out of this is if I start becoming more organized. How this will be accomplished I am not quite sure but it has to be done otherwise I am going to fold like a deck of cards. Seems like I just post complaints on my blog. I need to start posting more positive stuff.

1. Post something positive next time.
2. Take the first step on becoming more organized.

Until next time. Cheers.


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