Cutting the cost of food

Food is one of my biggest expenses after rent. When I pay all my bills at the end of the month, the only money I have left in my bank account is for food and for transportation. And since I am a part-time student now there is no time for cooking. I walked into the grocery store today, like every other weekday planning to grab me something eat that has already been cooked and I realized that this can no longer continue be done. I needed to change.

My main excuse is that I do not have time at night to cook food for the week. Even if I do cook something on a Sunday, I will end up getting sick of eating the same thing every night plus I am at my girlfriend’s house on a Sunday. Today though I just decided to hell with it and grabbed some ground beef. My classes end at 9:30PM. I got home started cooking rice and ground beef and put them in 3 containers for the week (I don’t have class on a Friday). The ground beef only cost me N$20 (US$0.20/kg). I am not going to convert to pounds. It’s late and I want to go to bed. Use Google.

I just added a can of mixed vegetables which I had at home. I hope this will help. I usually spend about N$40 per night (US$4) on food just for dinners. I take a sandwich to work for lunch and have cereal in the morning. In total I spend about N$150/week (US$15) on breakfast and lunch, but only for weekdays.

Friday nights can get a bit expensive because this is when my girlfriend fiance comes over to spend the night with me. We don’t see each other during the week so we have to make the most of the weekends. I usually I start a fire and make a BBQ on a Friday and that could cost me about N$150 just for that night. I would spend around the same amount if we go out somewhere to eat like Nandos or KFC.

Saturdays I rarely eat at home and I go over to her place where her parents usually cook a meal for the family. There I can save some money but usually I feel so bad about eating for free there (and since the in-laws don’t join us on Friday nights) I usually pay for anything extra we need to get from the grocery store. Sundays I also eat at her house or sometimes I would make myself a nice Sunday roast.

I am really trying to cut my food cost on cooking at home and bringing a sandwich from but I can quickly get tired of the food I repeatedly make. I need a variety and I also need food that is easy to make. So I hope in the future I can post some easy to make, cheap recipes here. I’ve joined Pinterest so hopefully that will help too.


The venue we really liked could cost up to N$200k for 250 guests which is way out of our budget. We are hoping to spend N$100k in total for the wedding. We are starting to look at other venues but it looks like we might have to give up on that venue and our idea of an outside/garden wedding.

Until next time. Do the right thing.


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