Month: November 2015

Sleeping in the nude


I’ve been trying something new lately that I’ve only ever done like once or twice after sex, which is sleeping in the nude.



Wedding meltdown

I feel bad for Ms. O. She’s been planning this wedding all on her own for the past 9 months while I was studying and attending lectures. Now that the wedding is only two weeks away, things are supposed to get easier after all the hard work she has put in. But no, today was the breaking point.

The problem started with her aunt’s accommodation at the wedding venue. There was some sort of issue and Ms O’s aunt called her in tears that she can’t get accommodation and and and. Ms O had to sort this out with the people renting out the venue. There was some sort of technicality but they could forego it. The lessors took this opportunity to remind her of the outstanding bill we had to settle in full last week but we’ve agreed to an extended deadline.

Now because they are doing this favor for us by foregoing the technicality, they seem to be retracting the extended deadline. This brought Ms O close to tears.

She came over to my office during lunch. The first thing I did when I saw her was give her a nice warm hug, even before I knew about the events that have unfolded that morning.

We had some Pringles and soft drinks, she had no appetite, and just talked it over. I listened. At first she was hesitant to tell me cause she thought I would get upset. I don’t like the lessors. I didn’t like them from the start but my fiancé loved the venue so I just went with it. Actually just going with it is incorrect. I reminded her every time of my dislike toward these leaches each time they did something to upset her.

Eventually she spilled the beans of what happened and I fought every urge to say anything negative and just listened to her and tried to make her feel better.

After lunch she thanked me and said that I took her mind off the wedding and made her feel much better. I’m kind of proud of myself. I was being a supportive husband to be.

Tomorrow she doesn’t want to hear a word about the wedding. Fingers crossed we actually go a whole day without speaking about the big day. We checking out Mocking Jay part 2 tomorrow. That might help.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.

I suck at blogging

It’s no secret that I suck at blogging. I am not a very good writer. I also seem to lose interest very quickly when life starts getting busy. As soon as I need to do a little research about a problem I’m looking to solve, I find myself back here.

I guess I’m back for now. For how long I don’t know. I guess if I stick around long enough it will become a habit. I haven’t picked up a lot of habits lately, so thay might be a long shot as well.

Why am I back this time? Marriage. My bachelor era is coming to an end. Only two more weeks left. I’ve been smoking so much marijuana the past couple of months I’ve been in a constant high. My fiancé knows I smoke weed, she joins me occasionally, I just don’t tell her how much I smoke. It’s a sort of don’t ask don’t tell sort of thing. I’m just smoking as much as I can now cause I know once we live together I will probably only smoke once every other weekend otherwise she will think I have a problem. That’s the only thing I think I will really miss about being a bachelor.

Anyway, I lost the plot there a bit. The reason why I’m back is cause our pastor told us we should be reading up on marriage to help with our marriage. So I followed the the terms “relationships” and “marriage” for a while on Flipboard and shared some articles with my fiancé if I liked it. Later I felt the articles were a bit shit. Same magazines giving the same advice. It’s always a list. 5 signs that your sex is bad. 7 reasons to clean. 10 things this and 4 things that.

So I wanted something a little more personal I guess. Stories from men who are actually in a bad marriage or difficult sitautions and not articles from therapists who wrote an article in Psychology Today.

I will also try to share my own stories and frustrations. Maybe not to get some more readers/followers but as a diary that I can one day reflect back upon and maybe learn from my experiences.
So here we go again. I’m a blogger again.

Thanks for reading.