We are getting very close to the end and with each passing hour my fiancé is just getting more and more frustrating.

Late last night she tried to call me. I was in the living room watching TV and my phone was on charge and the washing machine was making noise as well. So I couldn’t hear my phone ring. When I got up to just check on it, to my surprise I saw 3 missed calls from my fiancé.

I knew I was in trouble because just last week Thursday I had a very bad day at work and also left my phone to charge in the bedroom while I went out to get pizza. She was very upset that day but I did the right thing and apologized at least 10 times even though I was having a terrible day and was just looking to catch a break.

Fast forward back to last night and I started apologising again. She was upset at first and wouldn’t really say why she called but I did manage to force it out of her. She found a scripture that the pastor should read when he is giving his surdom at the church. I read the scripture over the phone and told her I liked it. She seemed to calm down and confessed that the wedding planning is getting to her and bringing her down.

Today I told her that there is no point to go to the wedding venue for the rehearsal if the pastor isn’t there cause he was supposed to tell us what to do and how to do it. The venue is 38 km (about 24 miles) outside of town. She didn’t see it my way and got upset with. At this point I just felt it’s a waste of money to drive all the way there and was having none of it. She again confessed that she is getting frustrated and apologized.

This time I just ignored. I know I’m wrong and I’m supposed to support her and be there for her, but I just had enough. I’m gonna smoke a blunt and relax. Fuck the frustration.

This post didn’t upload when I hit the post button. So after I smoked a doobie I was much more relaxed and started chatting to Ms O. She visited one of her friends who recently got a baby. Her friend can’t make the wedding this weekend so she gave Ms O our wedding gift. Ms O opened it yesterday, I said it was cool if she wanted to open it. We got cooking bowls and kitchen stuff. It’s kinda cool.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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