She is on her period – Day One


It’s pretty messed up that I’m writing about my wife’s period but this is a major change in my life that I would have to get used to.
Previously, we stayed in separate places, me on my own and she with her parents. When she came over to my place for movie night (she mostly only came over for movie night, strict parents, what can I say) and she was on her period, she would just lie in bed and I would do everything else. I did not mind.
When my wife gets her period, it’s like the worst pains in the world. I don’t know how much the cramping hurts, but she at least takes 4 pain killers a day during those 6-7 days. I think it must be pretty intense.
So day 1. It started with her throwing up that morning. She’s been very nauseas these past couple of days. She has been throwing up the eve before Christmas. Her whole Christmas day was ruined. She could barely eat. On the 26th she was fine again, but on day 1 the throwing up started again.
I went to the pharmacy and got her something for the nausea, even made a her cup of warm water with sliced ginger, apparently it’s supposed to take the nausea away.
We traveled back home from our vacation spot. It was a 5 hour drive. She seemed to be fine. She doesn’t say much during the drive. Before the drive she did announce that she is on her period. So the throwing up isn’t morning sickness. Dodged a bullet there. Sjoe.
When we finally got back home, we didn’t even unpack. She just got into comfy clothes, made herself a warm bottle and lied on the couch for the rest of the night.
I tried to be there for her. I’d like cuddle up next to her to make her warm. Bring her anything she might ask. I even made dinner for us.
She got up and did the dishes on her own though. Usually I would dry the dishes and pack them away but she managed on her own.
Bedtime I cuddled some more. She seems to be happy. Doesn’t seem like this period thing is too bad. I can’t get laid, but these are small sacrifices I need to make.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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