She’s on her period – Day Two

Edit: I wrote this on the second day but never hit post. My bad.

Well, everything seems to be going well, surprisingly well. Too well in fact, I’m starting to prep myself for the big blow up.
Maybe I’m just over exaggerating the whole situation. Making a mountain out of a molehill if you will.
She used to complain a lot about her period pains when we were dating. The thing that has changed though is that she is taking the pill now. She wouldn’t dare to take the pill before because of the fear that her parents might find out she is sexually active.
Now she is all smiles. Like the period is a breeze. She is still at home on holiday while I’m at work. She unpacked our dirty clothes that we wore on vacation and did the laundry. She cleaned our place. She did grocery shopping and when I got home, she cooked dinner.
I’m quite surprised at how well she is taking this. A little disappointed cause there isn’t much to write about anymore. This 6/7 part series will probably have to be shortened to 3.
So the next time I write will about the total review of her first period as my wife unless something interesting does occur between now and the end of her period.
Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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