Throw Back Thursday – Wish/Reward List

Back again for another installment of Throwback Thursday, the goals edition. I’ve gone through my old stuff and stumbled across some goals I set for myself. Before I set my goals for 2016, I first want to go through these goals I previously set and come up with a new and improved list.

This week I’m sharing my reward/wish list. Like every time I ticked off a goal from the list and I would get myself one of these bad boys., but I didn’t follow this system. I bought something when the money was available. So here is my wish list:

The biggish stuff

Motorbike or cheap sedan
Double bed
Washing machine
Small Appliances
Desk and Office Chair

The smallish stuff

New Cellphone
Kindle e-book reader

I got everything above except for a motor vehicle and the Kindle. The place I rent comes with a stove and an air-con. The other things I got myself. So I can’t really use this list going forward. I need to come up with a new list of things I could reward myself with. There must be a couple of small/cheap things on the list too so that I can reward myself early when I do achieve the small goals to keep me motivated.

I am a tech kind of guy. I like gadgets, so most of the new items will probably be tech related. I am also a husband now, so I want to take care of my family. Do the manly tasks around the house. So I need to stock my toolbox. I got a toolbox for my birthday last month and my father-in-law put a couple of the essential tools in there. It’s up to me now to fill it up and make sure that I have all the tools necessary for any handyman duty around the house.

My new list for 2016:

9″ Tablet
Digital Camera
Home Theater PC
Surround Sound System
Various tools (compile list and post)
BBQ tools and utensils

That’s the list. I struggled to fill the list. It would seem I have what I need and want now. Some of the things I could really do without. I wouldn’t feel that bad if I couldn’t get it. I really want the Kindle. I’ve wanted one for a long time now. I don’t read that much but hopefully owning a Kindle  will motivate  me to read more.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


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