Marriage and Debt

No matter how hard you try to reduce your debt on your own, it’s pointless if your spouse isn’t doing the same. All your effort won’t be realized unless your spouse understand the importance of clearing debt, starting savings accounts and gaining interest instead of paying interest.

It was Mrs Lakendary’s friend birthday. We got a last minute message from her friend that she would celebrate her birthday at a restaurant and only invite her two closest friends. Since Mrs Lakendary’s friend is actually doing something for her birthday which she usually hasn’t in the past, we felt obligated to get her a gift.

Now my wife has a bad history with buying gifts. She absolutely hates it. She comes from a family where they give each other a gift for every single thing. A gift for your birthday, a gift for fathers and mothers day, a gift for Christmas and maybe even a gift for her parent’s anniversary. So over the years she has run out of gift ideas and whenever she has to get someone a gift she is overwhelmed and can’t think straight.

This time she thought it would be different. She would just get her friend a book because her friend likes reading. Easy enough, right? Wrong. When we got to the book store there were way too many books. There were too many choices available. She just froze.

Anything that looked any good was way too expensive as well. Money is very tight right now and we’ve already started dipping into our savings. We were also prepared to use the savings for the birthday dinner. So my wife was looking for something else, a book more on the cheap side. The problem was the cheap books didn’t look interesting and she didn’t know if her friend would like it.

I told her to just go for the expensive book because this was stressing her out more than it actually should but she didn’t want to buy the book with the savings, she wanted to put the purchase on her consumer credit account.

I obviously told her she can’t do that because we are trying to pay off that account and she was making really good progress. Three to four more payments and it would be paid off. I remember telling her last time she made a payment that she shouldn’t use the card ever again to buy anything. She agreed but just a couple of weeks later she goes back on her word.

For my wife it feels better knowing we still have savings left and the extra interest that she has to pay is okay, cause money isn’t leaving her pocket now. She knew I was upset and tried to be all sweet with me. I can’t stay mad at her for too long.

Still, we need to stick to not creating more debt and concentrate on getting rid of debt. Hopefully she will come to her senses soon.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.



  1. Technically, if you have savings, she could put it on the credit card then pay it off when the bill comes due if there’s any benefits on that credit card (like cash back or points?) But I do get wanting to get out of the habit of swiping the plastic!

    1. My wife used a departmental store account. She doesn’t have a credit card. We don’t have any credit cards that offer us any benefits like cash back points or anything like that.

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