Month: February 2016

Big Financial Setback

Ten Dollar bill torn in half fixed with a bandaid.

Financial Setback

Friday morning my wife was in tears. I just got a text from her stating that she got her paycheck and it’s significantly lower than it was last month. This came as a huge surprise to me and her but we had a feeling that it could happen.



Back to School

Back To School

Back To School

School started two weeks ago and I wrote this guide for myself a couple of weeks before that to help me identify the key problematic areas and find ways to tackle them effectively so that I don’t fail anything this year and be on track to get my degree by the end of 2017.


Oh damn, my parents are coming for the weekend

There is a word in my native language that perfectly describes a person who is proud and holds themselves to a higher standard than other people but could also be a bad thing people think you think you are better than them. I looked for the translation and the best I could come up with was highbrowed or high-minded.

My wife and her sister appears this way to their cousins from both sides of their family. When both your cousins from your mom’s side of the family and your dad’s side of the family start calling you highbrowed, you tend to believe it. (more…)



These past two weeks I’ve just been too lazy to do anything. Finally the buzz of the new year is over and I’m back to my old unmotivated self. Goodbye new years resolutions. Hello laziness.

I am just not in the mood to do anything productive anymore. At work I just sit around just thinking of stuff to keep myself busy but I’ve got a pile of work that needs to get done.

At home there are a few things I should be doing but don’t get round to it like fixing the leaking tap, fixing the hinges on the cupboard door and packing away some boxes that are hidden next to the living room couch.

Blogging-wise I haven’t been updating my budget and finances (I have been keeping track though), my back to school post, my goals for 2016 update and just general posts about marriage and friendships I’ve been meaning to write about.

Exercise and eating healthy has also taken a hit. Keeping my price book up to date has been a mission that I’ve failed, horribly. It just hasn’t been a good month this far. I need to get my groove back.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.