My net value went down


Very bad news to report.  I am broker than before.  Since my last paycheck in December until my next paycheck,  I’ve managed to gain more liabilities and/or lose more assets.

I’m not including any assets like my laptop, smartphone, clothes, furniture etc. I can’t really place a value on those items and I also don’t intend on selling any of it. I’m only looking at my savings,  money in my bank account and my wallet.

I lost about $1,200 in net asset value and I’m in a negative. Two significant payments account for the bulk of that amount, namely my tuition fee payment of $500 I had to take from my savings and $600 for website hosting and domain registration I charged to my credit card.

My study fees are paid through work. It’s basically a loan but if I pass a subject I don’t have to pay it back. It doesn’t cover my entire tuition fees but it’s something.

My dad asked me to create a website for his business.  My dad reimbursed for the hosting fees.  So I’m not really that worried about that.

It was just so scary to see my “value” go down. Was a real shock to the system. I hope that February goes according to plan even though I blew my entertainment/pocket money budget in the first day. Blame it on friends.

I definitely have to improve my budgeted amounts. I under-budgeted on almost every expense items. Some items I didn’t even budget.

So for February I have to actively keep an eye on my budget. The expense tracker app I have on my phone has a budgeting tool but I still haven’t figured it out.

My months don’t end on the last calendar day of the month but the day before I get my paycheck, which is on the 25th of each month. Meaning I need to leave my wages untouched for 4 days so that I can take full advantage of the app which doesn’t allow me to customise the budgeting month.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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