Bank Charges

Overdraft fee

Bank charges

I freaking hate banks. I wish we didn’t need bank accounts and just went back to dealing with cash for the rest of our lives. Yeah I know that sounds silly. I just need to rant a little.

I went to the bank a month ago to ask them to change the date of an automatic payment that goes off my checking account to my credit card. I used to get paid on the 24th but now I get paid on the last day of the month. I asked them to move the payment to the 1st of each month.¬†When I took a look at my bank account now I saw that the payment went through and there is no money in my checking account. And if I don’t have money in my account, they charge me $170 each time it happens. That $170 is a big blow to my budget.

I know if I go to the bank and complain it won’t change a thing. That bank charge is going to stay there and they probably still won’t change the automatic payment to the 1st of each month. I can’t believe it. What a crappy way to start my weekend.

I also made a very long post and saved it to drafts. That entire post is just gone. I can’t find it. I’ll retype it later and post it again. I’m off to bed and staying there until I feel better for losing out on money.

Until next time.