No Goals for 2017

Well, that isn’t entirely true. I did set myself some goals but I haven’t written them down anywhere. Usually I would’ve made a note on Evernote by now, but I’ve just decided against it this year.

I won’t lie, it’s nice going back to my old goals I’ve set and then start ticking them off one by one. The problem is I don’t look at my goals enough to keep reminding me what I’m supposed do. I lose touch of my goals and become uninterested in them.

This year I’ve decided, mentally, that I want to lose 25 kilograms (55 lbs) this year because I was at 115 kilograms (224 lbs) at the start of the year and for my length, I should weigh 90 kilograms to get my BMI to healthy. So far I’ve lost 6 kilograms. That’s 24% of my goal reached by end of January already.

Only thing I’ve changed was drinking lots of water, cutting down on the snacks and waking up at 6 AM to skip before I go to work. I usually do 500 skips in 4 sessions (2x 100 & 2x 150). Once I notice that my weight loss rate is slowing down, I’ll start adding more. The thing is, I think I only skipped 5 times the entire month. Also, when I get on the scale, one day it’s 115 kilograms, the next day its 110 kilograms. So I’m not sure how true my body mass is actually. Maybe it’s time to invest in a proper scale.

That’s the only goal I’ve set for myself really. Nothing about finances, nothing about school (obviously I want to pass everything, that goes without saying), about my career and nothing about blogging or family or anything like that. The main focus is just to get healthier and fitter. If I get to the end of this year and I still feel fat and unhappy with my body, 2017 would be a big, big failure.

I just hate the feeling of going to the store, trying on some clothes and nothing fits. I want to walk out immediately. I don’t even care that I have stretch marks all over. I don’t really care how my man boobs hang when I sit down shirtless at home. Only thing I care about is going to the store, trying on a pair of jeans and walking out of that store happy. That’s it. That’s all I want for now.

Of course it will change once I start hitting goals, feeling healthier, wake up with more energy and happier. I’ll want more. Much more. I’ll want to lose the man boobs and the flab of fat around my waist. I’d like to have a six-pack for once in my life (ironically my wife isn’t that into rock hard abs and muscly guys – not sure if she’s just saying that to make me feel better). I want to be able to run a marathon one day (a short one).

I hope I do it. I hope I do it early as well so I can go and reach greater heights.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading. Cheers.


Throw Back Thursday – Habit List

Back again for another installment of Throw back Thursday, the goal setting edition.  Each Thursday for the month of January I will be sharing goals I’ve set for myself in the past couple of years.  I’m using these goals to help me set my goals for 2016.


Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Mo’ money, mo’ problems

Dear readers

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. I just started the new job and it has been insane to say the least. I have to do the job of 3 people. My boss is fully aware of this and is trying to hire someone to assist me. They didn’t think that two people were needed for my job, but in the past, before the company bought over, there were two people doing this job. I just can’t understand why they decided to only recruit one.
Also with the new takeover, the company installed new computer software that the old workers don’t understand and weren’t trained to use. Why would anyone install new software and not train their employees is beyond me. Everyday I am either reporting an issue or trying to fix it. I already have so much to do, now I still have to fix errors.
So I have had a rough time at work over the past month and a half. When I get home I go straight to bed and pray tomorrow will go better, but no matter how hard I work, the work load doesn’t seem to get any less. It just gets more with each passing day. The new guy needs to start soon so I just have some breathing room and time to relax.
As for my finances. I’ve managed it well. I spend much less on food nowadays. I only have take out on Fridays but take lunch to work on Mondays to Thursdays. It’s usually a sandwich. Sometimes it would be leftovers from the night before. I have cereal in the mornings and take a fruit with me. I use to take two fruit, a banana and an orange. I noticed that most times I didn’t eat the orange and the oranges would just go off. So now I am just sticking to bananas. I also bought a big bag of chips (50x 20g packets). I took a packet of chips along each day, but now I’ve switched to yogurt.
I still can’t bring my entertainment budget under control. I just don’t have the discipline to say no to my friends when they go out and have a couple of beers at a bar. I also buy myself a beer now and then when I’ve had a rough day at work which seems to be a lot lately. I have a TV and an Xbox at home. I’ve tried to invest in games so that I don’t go out so often. I just need to try that more often.
So a big plus on the food side but a big negative with the entertainment. Overall I am happy with my finances. I think recording every single transaction is a habit now. I never thought I could do it, its four months now and I haven’t missed one transaction. New habits can be learned. Habits I am working on now is taking lunch to work everyday and making sure everything is in order at night for the next day. I hate going to work in rush because I did not prepare for the day properly.
I also want to start jogging. See how that goes. I am slowing starting to become overweight. My belly is way too big for my liking. But I will start slow. I read an article of not having zero days. So even if I just go for a walk or do a couple of push-ups, I shouldn’t skip a day of exercise. If I can keep it going for 90 days, I’m sure it will be a new habit as well.
Well, thanks for reading. I have to catch up on some reading myself. I’m hoping next month will be better than the last.

Medical expenses


Its winter here in the southern hemisphere and I’ve been hit really bad with the cold. Not only am I physically sick, but my finances is sick too. I never expected it to be this bad. I mean when I started working for my current employer I purposely chose the medical aid with lowest monthly contribution (the one recommended for 20-30 year old). But that backfired on me this year.

During January/February I had terrible back pain. I went for two doctors consultations before I was finally told to go see a physiotherapist who sorted my back pain out in less than two weeks. I only have 10 free consultations per year, so the one consultation was wasted. And I also racked up medical costs for pills and a cream that didn’t work.

In March I traveled to another country and suffered from food poisoning so bad that I ended up in hospital, my first time I ever spent any amount of time in hospital. I raked up a bill of $900 of which my medical aid scheme only pays half.

In May I got the flu but I thought that I should not waste my consultations. I just got some flu medicine and paid out of my own pocket for it. Its not done yet. Three weeks ago I developed a nasty cough. I just bought cough syrup. We had a tight deadline at work so I pushed through the entire week which took a big toll on my body. Finally I couldn’t take it no more. Got some time off work to recover. My wallet didn’t get time off. Admin fees, medical fees and medicine had to be paid for.

Today I came down with the cold again. This must be the sickest I’ve ever been. What rotten luck. More medicine. More medical bills. I couldn’t afford to pay cash for the medicine so I had to charge it to my credit card. Total cost in medical expenses over the past two months totaled to $277 and year to date is $727. That is much more than I ever expected it to be.

I do realize now the importance of staying healthy and having an emergency savings fund. More fruit and vegetables and some exercising is in order. First things first, I want to get well soon.

Until next time.