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I’m Back and I’m an Idiot

It’s that time of the year again where everyone reflects on their lives and try to make an improvement. This year will be no different for me. I’m going to give this blogging thing another go just to realize later this year that I actually don’t have time to blog and fail miserably.

I’ve set a lot of goals last year and the main ones that I’m very happy about achieving was that I’ve kept track of all my income and expenditure. I make a budget every month though. When I received a bonus in August, I had so much money that I didn’t feel the need to keep checking my budget to make sure I’m still on track.

I’ve also managed to pass all my subjects in 2016. If all goes well I will graduate at the end of this year. Semester 4 has to go down as one of the toughest semesters. I just never had enough time to get everything done, but I still managed. I was ready to quit school twice. I got angry and upset with the school, especially with my Distributed Systems Programming lecturer (more on that on a later blog post).

Last year saw me change positions for the third year running. 2014 I was promoted from clerk to supervisor, 2015 I was promoted from supervisor to manager and in 2016 I switch from finance to IT and now I’m a computer analyst (or business and data analyst to be more specific). I got news about the switch to the new position in June but it only took effect in December. It was a very frustrating period in my career, but I’m happy to finally be in the field of IT.

No big no-no’s last year. Being married to my wife was smooth sailing most of the time. We hardly ever had any arguments. Our relationship is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. We understand each other better. I’m mostly the guilty party when it comes to arguments because I show my anger a lot.

I didn’t get my driver’s permit last year, but I am starting to drive. I’m driving almost every day now. It’s just a matter of time before I do get my driver’s permit. Then I can share the driving load with my wife. She is a very impatient driver and gets stressed out a lot by traffic. If I can lighten that load on her end, she’ll be an even happier wife at home.

Last thing I’d like to mention before ending this post. I am the world’s biggest idiot. Last month I bought myself a new smart phone. I was very excited about this. I saw a video online of the same model phone as mine being submerged in water for a minute with no consequences at all, but there is no mention that the phone is waterproof or water-resistant by the phone manufacturer.

This past weekend my wife and I, together with her parents went camping. We went for a swim, I took my phone with me. I took a couple of selfies in the pool. I so badly wanted to take an underwater photo. My wife told me not to. I didn’t listen. As I came out the water, my phone was black. I put the phone in rice. When I turned it back on, the phone wasn’t reacting to any touches on the screen. Now I have to take the phone in for repair and hope it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to fix it. I am so upset with myself. WHY DID I NOT LISTEN TO MY WIFE? I think that’s not the last time I’ll be uttering those words this year.

Happy new year and thanks for reading.



Good Morning. Let the stress begin...


The last week or so have been an absolute nightmare. Work just seems to get worse and worse everyday and I am slowly starting to regret moving there for the new pay increase.

The work load is immense. So immense that the managing director noted this and told the rest of the office to drop everything their doing and help me with my work. It helped a little but I am still under a lot of pressure. Today there was a light at the end of the title. Someone has been appointed to aid me permanently. Things seem to be looking better but I don’t think I will feel the workload getting lighter now. It may take up to a month. The new credit clerk needs to be trained and must get to know the ways before I start feeling the effect of her work.

Unfortunately because of the stress at work everything else in my life took a back seat, especially my finances. I stopped recording transactions. I went out for beers more often. I ate take out more often. I stopped making lunch and eating breakfast at home. I was just not following my normal routines. I was properly depressed. The days I didn’t go out drinking, I just came home and got into bed.

To this day while I am typing up this blog post I still haven’t updated my budget for August or September. I recorded all my debit card purchases but nothing about cash over the past two weeks. I feel like I am drowning and I cannot come up for air. I want to finish it, I really do, but work just takes out so much of me that I have no energy to do anything when I get home. It doesn’t look like I will make all the goals I’ve set at the beginning of the year and at June. My first three months at this job has been stressful.

I can only hope that this will shape me and turn me into a stronger person. I hope that things will become better over time. If I don’t see an improvement by the end of October, I will start looking for work elsewhere. Even if I have to take a pay cut. The money is not worth all the stress.

Pretty good day

Happy Minion

I know in my last post I said that I would make a half yearly update next but I’ve had such a pretty good day today that I wanted to share it with my readers.

I recently quit my job and accepted a new offer from another company. The new company has new owners and it’s financial department was outsourced to another country. Now that the new owners took over, they decided to have the financial function here. That’s where I come in. I am part of a new five man financial department. I am at the bottom of that food chain but plan to work myself up if I enjoy working for the company. The pay is very good but the offices look a bit dark and dingy. The offices are located inside the warehouse and the warehouse is in an industrial area.

Here comes the good part. I don’t own a car and public transport sucks here in Africa (first I revealed I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, now I revealed the continent. Stick around for more clues). The best means of transport is taking a cab. I use to drive with my girlfriend to work in the mornings so I spent about $250 (+/- US$25) per month on transport. Now that I don’t travel with her anymore I could spend up to $600 per month. But my mom managed to make a few calls and she found me a cab driver willing to pick me up at work and at home for $400 per month.

More good news. The ex-employers are paying out my leave days I haven’t taken. That amounted to $1125. That’s money I never expected I would get. I totally forgot about it and I never thought it would be so much. That would definitely help me this month since my transport costs would be going up.

And the last piece of good news. My dad sent me $2000 for a new phone. I recently dropped my Nokia Lumia 620 and the screen cracked. The touch screen didn’t respond any more. Now I am operating with an old Blackberry Curve 9300. But now that I got this cash from my dad I can get a new phone. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Fame. It’s in my price range and it is an Android. After my experiences with a Windows phone, I swore to never go back to that crappy operating system. A friend of mine is in Beijing for a couple of weeks, so I hope he might see something cheap there and bring a phone along. Maybe a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. But least’s wait and see.

Wait there is more good news. Training only starts on Friday. I thought I was going to start Thursday, but I only start on Friday. That’s an extra day off. Which will give me time to work on the half yearly review.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” [Part 2 of 2]

Drake - Worst Behavior

Drake – Worst Behavior

Click here for part one of this post. 


Friday came and it was the last week of the month. I checked my budget and I seemed to have done well this month but the entertainment was still way over budget.  I kept thinking how the new job would’ve helped out. How much more comfortable things would be. That’s when it happened. My phone rang and I answered it as quick as possible. I GOT THE JOB!


The money was more than initially offered. Ten percent more in fact. There was a big BUT though. The company needed me to start as soon as possible because they are using a new accounting system and everyone needed to be trained. The training was scheduled the following week. I told them that I needed to give a month’s notice. They understand, so they are willing to compensate my current employers a month’s worth of my current salary. They weren’t playing around, they clearly meant business.

I felt really bad though. I felt bad for leaving my current employers so high and dry. A co-worker in my department already resigned this month and now I am also leaving and only giving 24 hour notice. Damn, that’s cold. I had no other choice though. I would be living much more comfortably. I will be getting much more money. This was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

I typed out my resignation letter and scheduled a meeting with the human resources manager to discuss my resignation. At first she told me that it is not possible for me to just quit with immediate effect. I told her that the new company was willing to compensate for the 24 hour notice. The HR manager told me she would take it up with the partners and my boss. I thought there would be some resistance. I mean our department stand to lose two people in one month. Who was going to do our work? Even if they got replacements in quickly, they will still struggle with our work until they are properly trained.


The HR manager called back in 5 minutes and said that everything is in order and I can go. WTF?! That quickly? That’s when I felt that my work wasn’t valued here at all. It made it easier for me walk out at the end of the day. They didn’t care, so why should I? I still felt very guilty though. I couldn’t look my boss in the eyes. She hardly spoke to me the entire day. She asked me if I was moving into IT because I made it no secret that accounting wasn’t my passion and my heart lies in computers (sounds weird I know). I lied about a new accounting position and told her it was an IT job. The goodbyes was even awkward. But it’s over now. It’s a chapter I can finally close. A new journey awaits for me.

My next post will be my half-yearly review of 2014 and it’s been a year since I quit college, so I will also be reviewing my year since I took that leap. Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome.