Medical expenses


Its winter here in the southern hemisphere and I’ve been hit really bad with the cold. Not only am I physically sick, but my finances is sick too.¬†I never expected it to be this bad. I mean when I started working for my current employer I purposely chose the medical aid with lowest monthly contribution (the one recommended for 20-30 year old). But that backfired on me this year.

During January/February I had terrible back pain. I went for two doctors consultations before I was finally told to go see a physiotherapist who sorted my back pain out in less than two weeks. I only have 10 free consultations per year, so the one consultation was wasted. And I also racked up medical costs for pills and a cream that didn’t work.

In March I traveled to another country and suffered from food poisoning so bad that I ended up in hospital, my first time I ever spent any amount of time in hospital. I raked up a bill of $900 of which my medical aid scheme only pays half.

In May I got the flu but I thought that I should not waste my consultations. I just got some flu medicine¬†and paid out of my own pocket for it. Its not done yet. Three weeks ago I developed a nasty cough. I just bought cough syrup. We had a tight deadline at work so I pushed through the entire week which took a big toll on my body. Finally I couldn’t take it no more. Got some time off work to recover. My wallet didn’t get time off. Admin fees, medical fees and medicine had to be paid for.

Today I came down with the cold again. This must be the sickest I’ve ever been. What rotten luck. More medicine. More medical bills. I couldn’t afford to pay cash for the medicine so I had to charge it to my credit card. Total cost in medical expenses over the past two months totaled to $277 and year to date is $727. That is much more than I ever expected it to be.

I do realize now the importance of staying healthy and having an emergency savings fund. More fruit and vegetables and some exercising is in order. First things first, I want to get well soon.

Until next time.