System Overload

Frustrated Cartoon

Frustrated Cartoon

It’s been a minute since I posted anything on my blog and its been a minute since I read any other blog posts. Its feels like I’m going to explode at any second because of all the things I have to do or that requires my attention.

I’ve been on holiday for the past week and you’d think I would’ve had time to attend to the small things but not even on holiday do I get a break. I was planning to maybe get my learners permit this week. I didn’t have time to do that either.

As soon as I got to my parents home (that’s where my wife and I decided to go for our week vacay) my dad told me I needed to help him set up a PC at their office, fix his laptop and have a look at their new business plan and make the necessary changes required.

My wife and I had to also drive around looking for places to stay for her mother’s brothers and sisters when we all come down for a wedding in about a month’s time.

Its the last day of our holiday and I don’t even feel like I got any rest. I had to work so hard for 3 days before our vacation began because I couldn’t leave any work unattended. Now that I got here I had to continue working and when I get back, there is lots of work waiting for me.

If there is one thing that I will remember about 2016, is the sheer amount of work I had to do. I never felt this busy in my life, ever!

Only 2 more months before this school semester ends. When I start the new semester I’m going to register less classes, but that will be determined by my average mark I get for this semester. If I manage to achieve a 60 percent average, I won’t drop any subjects because clearly I can juggle it all at once. If I get between 55 and 59 percent, I will drop one subject and if I get less than that, I will drop two subjects.

This week coming week is going to be a crazy week. I have 3 assignments to complete, 1 test to write and 2 tests to study for the following week. If I make it to the end of the week in one piece I will be a very happy man.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


A little bit of history


I’m not too sure what to blog about today since I don’t have much to report. So I decided that I would share a little bit about my history…how I got to where I am today.

In high school I considered myself a smart kid. I was definitely in the top ten best performers in my grade. I killed it at math. It was my favorite subject too. I was the only student to get a distinction at math in my entire school. I thought about studying actuarial science when I finished school but I never got a scholarship for that. I was disheartened and had no plan B. So I took a year off from studying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I knew it had something to do with numbers, but I didn’t exactly know what.

My folks told me to study to become a chartered accountant since they earn a boar load of money and I was good at accounting as well. They took out a bank loan to pay for my studies. After my first semester I knew right away that this wasn’t for me. I even told my parents that but they insisted that I stick with it a little while longer. I complied and passed by first year, no problem. At the end of the first year they went ahead and applied for some scholarships for me. I managed to land two interviews with Deloitte and KPMG. In the end I chose KPMG because they offered more money towards my tuition.

Fast forward to my second year and I’m loving the college life. I got to learn so much about life that I could never learn from a textbook. It’s fitting cause I hardly picked up a textbook. In my second year I got dealt a heavy blow as I failed my first subject which would force me to do an extra year. I was very disappointed with myself but my parents were very supportive. Even the people at KPMG.

In my third its where it all went wrong. The party life took over. I hardly studied. I just did enough to pass all my second year modules and some of my third year modules. But due to some technicalities (I don’t want to get into them here) I was forced to start working the next year and put my studies on hold.

2012 was the year I started working for KPMG but still had one more year to do to complete my degree in accounting. Working as an auditor was an interesting experience. That’s the first time I really got to learn about money. Before my parents gave me money but now I was doing it all on my own. No more help from mommy and daddy. I was pretty miserable that entire year.

2013 I went back to school full time and I was determined to get my degree and set things right. But that first semester was an absolute disaster. I fell back to my old habits and it just got worse. I hardly finished the year when I had to go back to KPMG and tell them how I manage to fail all my modules but one. Long story short they cancelled my scholarship and I was finished. I couldn’t afford to go back to school. I was living in my parents house and I was pretty miserable. NO JOB. NO MONEY. NO DEGREE. And credit card debt of about $7K. Oh did I fail to mention that I got a credit card in 2012 and managed to max it out at $7k in a year and a half.

The light at the end of my tunnel was my girlfriend. We just started dating just as I got the news that I lost my scholarship and was unemployed. She managed to keep me motivated. We weren’t even living in the same city. Took me 4 months to get a job close to where she lives.

I am now an accountant at PKF with some credit card debt and some other consumer debt of about $2k. It’s not a train smash. I’ve read a couple of personal finance blogs here on WordPress and some people are in much worse positions than I am currently. I am counting my blessings everyday.

So that’s my short history. I left a lot of details out because I wanted to keep it short and it’s almost bedtime when I was typing this. Just going to do a quick spell check and hit publish post.

Good night.