Our first night part


My wife has abandoned me! Well, not really, she is just on holiday without me…for now.
My wife works for the kind of people that close during the festive season. She hasn’t gone to work this whole December and probably won’t go for a week or two in January.
I on the other hand work for people don’t only close the doors on national holidays. The fact that Family Day/Boxing Day/26th of December falls on a Saturday makes it only worse.
My in-laws have planned a trip to the coast for the festive season. They are renting a house as from Tuesday till Monday morning. So my wife and her parents already traveled on Tuesday morning leaving me home alone.
My new brother-in-law is kind of a douche for lack of a better word. His wife (my wife’s sister), my wife and their mom wanted to all go to the coast together on Tuesday so they could have a day to bond. A mother-daughter bonding season and the men should only come as from the next day. My brother-in-law immediately said no. His wife is not traveling without him. No way in hell. I told my wife that this would be his response before they even asked him.
So when my wife and I returned from our honeymoon a couple of weeks ago and my mother-in-law asked us if my wife will be joining them this Tuesday, I said yes without hesitation because I didn’t want to be like my brother-in-law.
All I could look forward to while my wife was away was smoking some pot. She knows I smoke and she sometimes joins me. But I was a stoner at college. So one joint every two weeks isn’t really enough to satisfy my marijuana hunger. So I was planning to smoke at least every hour or so when I got home.
It was fun. I watched some TV. Smoked some weed. Had snacks ready. Even made me some margaritas. Took my clothes off in the living room and just threw my dirty clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. I was acting like a man who has been married for years and is finally on vacation from his nagging wife.
I’ve only been married for two weeks. I love my wife and she isn’t naggy…yet.
When the night drew to a close though I started feeling empty and sad. I started to miss my wife. I didn’t sleep so well that night. I woke up to a weird sound and took a while to get back to sleep again. She wasn’t there to lay her head on my chest or to hold tight. The double bed felt very large for a  230 pound 6’7″ guy like me. I miss my wife.
My told me today that she misses me too and could hardly sleep either. She kept feeling like someone else is in the room. We both agreed that it was a dumb idea to travel without each other. Maybe my brother-in-law isn’t such a douche after all. I still got a lot to learn.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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